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What sets Sommers' Carpet Care apart from other carpet cleaning companies is that "WE CARE". People are important to us, not just how they can bless us financially, but how we can bless them with a job well done. We have that "servant" attitude. Our motto always has been, "It is never crowded on the extra mile." It might be lonely on that extra mile, but that is where you reap the greatest rewards and satisfaction. We pray for our business and have dedicated it to the Lord. He has blessed it and us, and of course our customers reap the benefits!

What also sets us apart from so very many of the carpet cleaning companies of today is that we have no "hidden" costs added to the final bill. Every week I see ads that are so deceptive and misleading. No company can send a technician to a house or an office and clean a room for $4.95, or any 5 rooms cleaned and deodorized for $24.95. In the fine print one reads: Also Available: Preconditioning @ $0.25 per sq ft and rest assured it will all need preconditioning in their eyes! Sanitizing @ $0.25 per sq ft and rest assured once again that all carpets need this! Scotch guarding @ $0.25 per sq ft. Plus, if you want the favored truck mount, it will be an additional &19.95 per room. Add the extra cost for 5 rooms @ a modest 150 sq ft per room. Do the math. It would no longer cost you $24.95, but $662.50!!! With our service the preconditioning and sanitizing are all included in the price. For the same 5 room example just given, our price would be $262.50 with the carpet protector included. We also do not charge extra service charges for travel as these misleading companies often do. So price checkers, beware.

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At Sommers' Carpet Care, we go above and beyond to leave your home, business, or property in the best condition possible. Our specialty is steam cleaning carpets and furniture but we also can tackle hard floors like wood, vinyl, and even tiles in bathrooms and kitchens.