History of Bane-Clene

Sommers' Carpet Care uses the Bane-Clene method of truck-mount units to steam clean carpets and furniture. Why is it called "Bane-Clene"?

In 1962, Wm. F. Bane, Jr., started part-time cleaning venture. Within a few months the entire Bane family was working part-time in the business, and in January of 1965 Bill hired his dad as full-time employee of the company. His mom and brother came with the company full-time in 1969 when the transition was made from a janitorial service to a carpet cleaning operation. This company is today one of the major forces in the carpet cleaning industry.

Carpet Cleaning

Sommers' Carpet Care carpet cleaning technicians have been professionally trained by Bane-Clene at their institute in Indianapolis, and our carpet cleaning equipment and chemicals are purchased from them. How do they know what is right? Because they themselves are in the carpet cleaning business--they don't just sell equipment. Their method of carpet cleaning and furniture cleaning has evolved through trial and error and the daily operations which confront any service business. Sommers' Carpet Care benefits from their challenges of looking for a safer, faster, more efficient way of carpet cleaning while ensuring the satisfaction of the customer, in order to get repeat and referral business.

The Bane-Clene Method

This Bane-Clene carpet cleaning method is used in many different countries around the world. Our carpet cleaning equipment is specifically designed to clean the carpet fibers and not even get the carpet backing wet. The high powered carpet cleaning vacuum and carefully constructed steam jets, through the expertise of our trained, professional technician, works miracles on soiled carpets and furniture. Contrary to public opinions, carpeting actually catches and restrains allergens and other pollutants. Therefore, people who suffer from allergies are better off with carpets in their houses over hardwood or other hard floors.

Our carpet cleaning solutions of 256 parts water to one part chemical mean virtually no residual matter is left in the carpet after cleaning. In addition, carpet cleaning solutions have balanced delivery and recovery. Our water is at the proper temperature--hot enough to loosen soil, and cool enough to be safe for all fibers. Sommers Carpet Care, Inc also benefits from Bane-Clene's experienced chemists. The carpet cleaning chemicals we use are "pure", being free from salt, silicate, and soda ash, which are common fillers in the industry. The spotters we use contain no dangerous, toxic formulations. Bane-Clene has been recognized for many years by major carpet manufacturers as the system which leaves less residue than any other carpet cleaning system. A newly-designed carpet cleaning head and solution delivery system have reduced water output by 25 percent. Bane-Clene has long been known for using less water than any other extraction system.

If you would like to check out our words about Bane-Clene, their website is www.baneclene.com. Be our guest!

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Carpet Cleaning

The safest way to clean your carpet may be with no chemicals at all, a high temperature steam cleaning not only eliminates odors but bacteria as well. Harsh chemicals can be used for tough stains or smells but can be lasting and harmful to children, animals, and even the carpet itself.