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Carpet Cleaning
From steam carpet cleaning to stain removal...we cover it all!
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Furniture Cleaning
Get your furniture cleaning and bring your furniture back to life with a deep steam cleaning.

Clean & Restore Wood Floors
Revive your wood floors with a deep floor cleaning and resurfacing.

Strip and rewax tile floors
Add a smooth shine back to your tile floors by stripping and rewaxing.

Clean and restore laminate
Restore your laminate floors with a deep cleaning.

Janitoral services
Janitoral Services of homes and commercial (fully insured).

Cleaning Services

Sommers' Carpet Care provides a wide range of services ranging from basic carpet care to wood floor resurfacing. Our highly trained staff with exceed your expectations leaving your floors and furniture looking like new. Call us today for a FREE phone estimate.

  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Furniture Cleaning
  • Clean & Restore Wood Floors
  • Strip & Rewax Tile Floors
  • Clean & Restore Laminate
  • Janitoral Services

Good News for Allergy Suffers

Sommers' Carpet Care, Inc. does anti-allergen cleaning, using safe, non-toxic natural ingredients formulated to denature dust mite and cat allergen, thereby bringing immediate and positive benefit to people with asthma, rhinitis, eczema or other related conditions.

Dr. Bob Hamilton, a biochemist at John Hopkins Medical Center, states if an anti-allergen is to be 100% effective, the surface must first be cleaned with the hot water extraction method. Just spraying a dust mite treatment on the surface by itself will not do a complete job of treating the problem. The home furnishings most likely to be affected are mattresses, carpets, carpet underlay, upholstered fabrics, linen and wall and window treatments. To effectively control dust mite allergens (dust mite excrement), mattresses and furniture need to be regularly cleaned every 6 months. A mattress that goes untreated will weigh 20 lb. more than the original after 10 yrs use. The 20 lb. is dust mite excrement and dead skin cells. UGH!

Carpet Cleaning Carpet Cleaning Guaranteed

Cleaning Services

Sommers' Carpet Care cleaning services are designed to be fast and effective so you are back to everyday life in as little time as possible. Using stream cleaning instead of harsh chemicals is always the better choice since steam not only dries faster but there are no chemical odors to avoid after the cleaning is done. It's safe for the whole family including pets, right away.